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Our Story

Serengeti Wellness is a private practice dedicated to providing attuned and culturally conscious mental health care that embodies emotional safety, compassion, and an opportunity for lasting change. Therapy has been stigmatized for decades and at Serengeti we are passionate about changing the narrative by prioritizing personal needs and overall wellness.

How was Serengeti created? The founder, Carla da Cunha, is originally from South Africa and wanted to honor her homeland and cultural heritage through her private practice. The Serengeti in Africa is well-known for its endless plains home to huge herds of animals surviving and thriving through various climates, stressors, and migrations. The word Serengeti means endless, and throughout her career Carla has always believed that the focus and attention we put on our mental health and wellbeing should be an endless journey. Her goal with Serengeti Wellness is to have a practice that is respected within the community for providing culturally attuned and therapeutically competent services, while normalizing and destigmatizing therapy.

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